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George Lopez Show ‘Lopez Tonight’

27 May

On Monday I got to perform on ‘Lopez Tonight’ with the Skeetox Band as we backed the rapper ‘Game’.

Here is an excerpt from something I posted while I was backstage:

I’m sitting in one of the green rooms backstage with the dude from Supersize me who ate 25,000 big macs, Jerry Springer, the band, and some other pretty faces who I don’t know. Jerry Springer just cruised from back here to the stage and GLo is interviewing him now.

It is absolutely bananas here. This is the coolest T.V. set I’ve ever been on, hands down. Most TV sets are a big disappointment when you actually see them in person. They are all tiny and only look like they do on T.V. if you see them from one specific angle. By contrast, this place is cavernous and even cooler than it looks on T.V.. The ‘backstage’ here is a couple huge sexy rooms with T.V., open bar, a ping pong table, and catered grub. (scroll down to see a video of the backstage) Everyone is sitting around watching Jerry tape his interview. He’s doing 2 segments and then we’re on. We watched George do his rehearsal earlier, and he is a coldblooded no B.S. taskmaster. There’s a reason he’s got his own show.

The coolest thing about doing this whole gig though is watching Michael Bearden put his band through its paces. I sat right in front of them a couple hours ago and there were just working cues out and all ridiculously on point. He pulled up the theme from ‘The $25,000 pyramid’ on his laptop on youtube, and he figured it out on piano. About a minute later the whole band was playing a sick little version of it. Michael’s rig is: A yamaha baby grand, a NEKO on top of that, 90 degrees from that a B-3 with a Korg M3 on top of it, and at 90 degrees from that a Motif XS. MB must be a Korg guy because the Yamaha is taped out, and the horn players also have Korg M50s for some reason. We cruised up to these guys and they were super cool. I didn’t get a chance to rap with MB much, but his bass player and drummer were super cool. The drummer even said, ‘where’s your drummer? I need to introduce myself and make sure he has everything he needs.’ Oh and Lenny Castro’s playing percussion. Sick.

Anyway, we’re on in a minute here so I gotta go. I’m going to pour myself a drink (go figure George Lopez has 10 types of tequila 3 types of rum and no vodka).

So that was right before we went on and taped our segment. You can see that segment by CLICKING HERE by the way. I’ll also add that after the show George came backstage and we got to chat with him a bit, and although he IS ruthlessly efficient at running his rehearsal, he was plenty nice to us guests and is on top of his game. We had some good conversation with him and he was real cool.

In case you were wondering, Michael Bearden was Michael Jackson’s musical director or MD. In fact a couple of the guys who played with MJ were on this gig, the bass player and the guitar player. These guys have one of the great dream gigs, getting to roll into an amazing stage where their gear is set up night after night, play some tight stuff, and be done by 6 PM. They were all ridiculously accommodating too.

Bobby Cressey and Michael Bearden

So this experience was incredible. If you want to see a quick tour of the backstage, I’ve uploaded a secret video of it that isn’t publicly listed. You can see it by clicking on the footage below. I didn’t want to get in trouble from the show so I’m keeping this info kind of on the down low.