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First Game of 2012

16 Apr

Last Wednesday was the first game of 2012 with me playing the organ. It was a blast.

Several things made last Wednesday’s game an awesome one.

-I put in tons of work over the off season to have more material than ever prepared. This includes new tunes, new medleys, and new charges clap tracks.

-Because of the threat of rain, I was in a booth instead of outside. I love being outside with the fans, so this was more ‘different’ that ‘good’. But the cool thing about being in a booth was no wind blowing my music all over, and an unobstructed view of the game. Look at this view from the booth, and SD looking all gorgeous.






-Also, I had easy access to hot dogs in the middle of the game. Noice.



– We had a visitor from Japan who took my pic and tweeted it to a bunch of Japanese Fans. Check it out!


And in case you’re wondering what he’s talking about, here is the Google Translation:



Alrighty. I think he was talking about his team back at home, the Orix Buffaloes. They’re a team from Osaka (or at least near Osaka).

-I figured out a way to make the organ sound even sweeter than it already does. I’m using this cool piece of technology called a NEO VENTILATOR. It takes a raw organ signal and processes it through a rotary speaker simulation. The result is we don’t have to mic up the organ like we’d been doing. This gives us a cleaner and stronger signal. And it sounded sweet.

What else was cool about Wednesday? Oh yeah,




Which is no small feat, considering that so far we have only won 2 games out of the 10 we’ve played. In fact my stats for winning games are pretty good. I’ll post about them soon.


What else……Played some ‘Weezer’ for a fan who wasn’t at the game when I played it, played some ‘Los Tigres Del Norte’, played some ‘Beatles’, played some jazz.

Met some cool people, including Corey Brock (beat writer for the Padres), had a passing conversation with Dick Enberg, and met Steve Adler of the Friarhood after the game. Cool.


Looking forward to April 25th. Hoping we get some wins before then.




I Was Just on TV

27 Feb

Up in L.A., on KTLA 5 for a segment about technology. It was an interview with DJ Skee and has some shots of me in the studio tracking with Yoni last week. Naturally, I’m repping the Padres. I’ll post the video if they put it up later. In the meantime here’s a screenshot.