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20 Oct

That’s right, we’ve done 6 of these now.

This is a well shot video that documents the night nicely. What the video doesn’t include is the hours long sound check, the pre show Souplantation discussion of Prop 19, and the insanity going on in the VIP after the club is shut down. It also is light on footage of yours truly. I must not have rocked hard enough. I’m at stage left behind Dru the guitar player.

Do not watch if you have an aversion to go go dancers and scantily clad club folk.


100 Posts, 44 Days of Silence

14 Oct

This is technically my 101st post, meaning that my last post was the 100th. That was 44 days ago.

No matter. The past 44 days have been full of gigging developments and happenings, so there is loads to talk about.


-Gigged with a new corporate band in SD. Great band, great $$, great location.
-More Skeetox madness in Orange County
-Played with ICE CUBE
-Played my last Throwback Thursday game
-Wrote a proposal for the PADRES for a program called ‘Baseball Through Music’
-Did two gigs with Jane Lui for her CD RELEASE including one last night in San Francisco.
-Played a wedding for my friend Mike Giardina’s sister
-Got some cool new students
-Got a new computer
-Made more beer can chicken
-Had dinner with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time
-Played a nice Bar Mitzvah gig in PV in some insanely oppresive heat.
-Watched the Padres choke away the season (rather a market correction than choking)

Right now I’m in the middle of a waiting game, awaiting word on a number of ‘potential irons’ I have in the fire. Stay chuned.